Bad Credit Repair Solutions

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Bad credit should not be a source of shame or embarrassment. It affects millions of Americans. It is estimated that 14% of all credit-worthy Americans, have what would be considered "bad credit". Bad credit becomes an issue, when you need to make a major purchase such as a home, car, applicances, etc. When you apply for a loan or a line of credit, the creditor with whom you are applying for a loan, immediately pulls your credit history file. What they would like to see, is a FICO score above 650. If your FICO score is below this number, they will examine your credit file in-depth to see, why your FICO score is low.

Your credit score may be low because you are didn't pay your bills on time, you filed for bankruptcy, you have too many lines of credit opened, etc. In essense you are exhibiting signs of poor debt management. The most important aspect of debt management and credit repair is to remember that the situation is temporary and it CAN be fixed. Do not loose hope. There are a number options available to you.

Professional Debt Management Services

If you are overwhelmed and you need a starting point, this option may assist you in getting the journey started. The key is to find a reputable debt management organization that can help you analyze your debts and provide options that are suitable to your situation.


For some people bankruptcy tends to be their strongest option. You will want to seek the services of a professional bankruptcy attorney when considering this option. A reputable bankruptcy attorney can evaluate and advice you on how bankruptcy will affect your future financial status.

Do It Yourself

This option works best, if your debt load is low preferrable below $5000 and you are disciplined enough not to accrue more debt until you are in control of your finances. You can take advantage of the free federal government credit report. You are entitled to 3 free reports every year from each of the National Credit Reporting Bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian).

All debt management and credit counseling solutions are favorable and can eliminate your debt and repair your credit, IF you stick with the program and avoid accruing more debt.


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